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Asap Market

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About Asap

Asap is a Darknet Marketplace hosted on Tor, the aonymity network. In order to sell on Asap, you must pay a "Merchant Fee", this means that not just anyone can become a seller and easily scam buyers. Asap is a newer market with a great UI (User Interface) and it is very easy to use.


The administration of Asap have laid out a series of rules which are to be followed by any user, regardless of what role they have.

1. No prohibited items can be sold.
2. Spam will not be tolerated.
3. Members of administration & moderation shall not be impersonated.
4. All sensitive/private data must be encrypted using PGP.

Users found not complying with these few rules, will have immediate non-appeal-able action taken on their account. Its important that Asap is a safe & secure place, as to ensure a blissful experience.

Payment Methods

Bitcoin and Monero is accecpted as payment methods on orders, it is advised that you always use Monero for extra provided security. Monero is a privacy coin, it does not have a public blockchain such as Bitcoin.

Contact Asap Market

You may have qustions and concerns, if you need to contact the admins of Asap Market, their email is listed below.

Asap Market Stats

Market Status Online Online & Operational
Main URL 4e7d2yitqrkih7gtgcwpq5wibuane5n7s44o55tdbznemlxecb4h5aqd.onion
Trust Score 10/10
Payment Methods Bitcoin Monero
Total Listings 31255+

Asap Market Listings

Listing Count
Benzodiazepines 1679
Cannabis & Hashish 8993
Dissociatives 1734
Psychedelics 2801
Ecstasy 2787
Opioids 1388
Prescription 1415
Steroids 566
Stimulants 4029
Fraud 4517
Counterfeit Items 76
Digital Products 2730
Software & Malware 742
Security & Hacking 173

March Update

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all new users to the platform. Merchants and buyers alike. You are all valued members of our community and we are growing at an exponential rate, thanks to you!

Several weeks ago, we reached out to all merchants who are currently enrolled here on Asap to suggest potential features and / or tweaks they'd like to see implemented. We took time to go through each one individually, and in most cases even discussed the suggestions with said merchants to get their take. Although not every idea was able to be dissected, designed and developed in such a short space of time, the team took a vote and we got to work on those suggestions and long awaited additions that we felt would be best received by our users.

Fast-forward to today, and we're glad to finally roll out the update, which brings the following:

-> [NEW] Buyers can now leave tips for the merchants they love through the new tip jar donation feature (all funds are allocated to the merchant).
-> [HIGHLY REQUESTED] The search box now searches for vendor names as well.
-> [HIGHLY REQUESTED] Ability to favorite merchants has been added.

-> Inbox now displays messages and message threads in the correct order, and is easier to use.
-> Orders now include exact timestamps.
-> As opposed to the total amount of disputes on merchant profiles, Won/Lost is now displayed.
-> Merchants now receive notifications when new feedback is left.
-> Styling tags (BBCode), now works for listing descriptions.
-> Orders now automatically cancel within 3 days if not accepted.
-> Contents of a dispute can now be seen even after closure.
-> Buyer/Seller notes viewable on an active dispute.
-> Merchants now have a private notepad, for logging important notes about orders, users etc.
-> Escrow extension has been increased to 5 days.
-> PGP messages, shipping notes now require just a click to fully select.
-> List of suggested products displayed (in cart), based on what other buyers of the products within cart have purchased.
-> Available session durations have been increased, with a new 300 minute (5 hour) option.
-> Various fixes and QoL improvements.

Thank you for being a part of our movement and objective to become the pinnacle community and trade platform of the dark web.
We love you all.

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